28 January 2016

Staff Messenger: School Faculty Communication App

Connect to your staff!

The Dilema of Communicating in a School: Solved

Avoid chasing faculty around the building to ask simple questions!
How many times have you tried to contact another member of the faculty only to find that they weren't in their classroom and didn't have their cell phone with them? How much time to you spend flipping through the school faculty directory list only to be unable to connect with the person you were looking for? Schools are big places and it can become extremely difficult to connect with other staff members at times. Well, the folks at Scholastic have a solution for you. From the same people who brought you Class Messenger comes this new addition to their software. Titled Staff Messenger, this program works through your Class Messenger app (for more details of Class Messenger, see here). The options are the same as Class Messenger; you can attach messages, links, pictures and documents to any communication.

Response time of SMS vs. e-mail and Facebook
Even more convenient is the fact that you choose the communication method, whether it be through e-mail, SMS, or Push Notification. Studies have shown that the SMS response rate is 8 times that of e-mail. An even better option is to have staff members use the Push Notification option (you know, those little numbers that show up next to an app in the home screen of your phone or tablet). Push notifications are instantaneous, and if you are anything like me, I tend to address them immediately if for no other reason than not wanting to see that little number hovering over an app on my phone.

Other options from Class Messenger:

While these options are not available for Staff Messenger, it is important when selecting your class communication method to know just what Class Messenger is capable of.

  1. Send general notifications and reminders.
  2. Attach pictures, documents, or other files to the message
  3. Send homework assignments and reminders (if the parents download the app, they will see this as well and know if their child has a homework assignment).
  4. The ability to send requests for donations (if holding a clothing or food drive). Simply enter the items needed and choose a respond by date.
  5. Request volunteers for an event. You choose how many people you need, the time of the event, and duration of event. When the slots have been filled, you are notified.
  6. Create a survey. Enter a question and create responses to be chosen. 
  7. Schedule a meeting time. Enter details about the meeting and select a date and time and the person or group will receive a notification with options to accept, decline, or propose alternative time.
  8. You can also send reminders to selected students regarding important information.
Overall, this app can be a way for faculty to communicate more efficiently. Used in conjunction with Class Messenger, it's a win-win situation. I realize that there are a whole contingent of teachers who prefer the Remind app for communication with students but once you try Class Messenger with its plethora of options, you might be inclined to make the switch. Good luck!


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