About Me

My name is Andrew Kozlowsky and I am a social studies educator.  I have several degrees, including an A.A. in Psychology from Essex County College in Newark, NJ, a B.A. in History from Montclair State University, and a M.A.T. degree from Montclair State University with a specialty in the social studies.  This blog reflects my desire to take an inquiry-based approach to teaching social studies. Why should science teachers have all the fun with their labs? History can be like a lab too. Students are like criminal investigators trying to put together the pieces of the elaborate puzzle that is history. I believe in a standards-based grading approach to assessment. I also subscribe to the theory that teacher-student relationships are the bedrock of best teaching practices.

Throughout my teaching career, I have taught social studies, ELA, ESOL, and math. I have taught at the middle school and high school levels. I currently teach 9th grade US II and Government at a high school in Gaithersburg, MD.

In my spare time, I enjoy researching the newest and coolest ed tech and methods to make social studies fun for students.  I also enjoy spending time with my wife Sandra and baby girl Eleanor Sheila, reading, listening to podcasts and playing chess. I hope you enjoy my blog!


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